TR3I solo performance 

Tanne Willow

I invite you to the ceremony TR3I.

Me creating this piece starts from the desire and longing to be together with others in transformational rituals. In TR3I I lead my own rite of passage influenced by pop-culture, Romanian folklore and mythology.

As a result of growing up in Sweden as a "third culture kid” I’ve always been interested in how identities are negotiated in relation to others and have explored the subject and condition of in-betweenness, an alternative to the stagnant, fixed and one-sided. 

In TR3I I explore the concept of in-betweenness and my flow practice. Through transformation I investigates bodily complexities and find a state where identity and form dissolve and then rebuilts. During the ceremony I invite you to my somatic-flow-practice where the body is allowed to experience and be present. 

Premierd in Stockholm November 2023 at Moderna Dansteater