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I’m a multidisciplinary artist, working with dance, acting and choreography. I am based in Paris and Stockholm.  

I grew up in a culture and household were I experienced music and (social) dances at an early age. Today I’m very much drawn to the aspect of culture and communal rituals as a way to coexist and share space.

In my work, I move and exist in multiple fileds of performing arts and dance communities. I have been part of some twenty productions and performances in Sweden and internationally.


TR3I solo performance 

Tanne Willow

I invite you to the ceremony TR3I.

TR3I is an exploration of identity as a rite of passage, influenced from pop culture, Romanian folklore and mythology. The performance reflects the complex journey of a “third culture kid”. The concept of navigating in-betweenness offers a liberating alternative to fixed perspectives, emphasizing the multilayered nature of one’s identity. The symbolic use of ceremony adds depth to the exploration and intertwining of cultures and communal rituals, it suggests and allows the audience to witness transformation through being fully enveloped in the experience. TR3I is my debut as a solo choreographer. 

Premierd in Stockholm Sweden November 2023 at Moderna Dansteater


The heart

2023, Dancer
Choreography by Mari Carrasco.
Premiere at Hallen/Site, Stockholm

Lead us

2023, Dancer
Choreography by Lisa Janbell.
Riksteatern Sweden tourSee more ↗


2018, Dancer
Choreography by Bambam Frost, performance at Moderna Dansteatern in collaboration with Riksteatern in Stockholm


2016, Dancer
Performance by choreographer Anna Vnuk and Sarah Riedel at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm


2014, Ensemble/ Dancer
Cabaret the musical, P*fect dance company, Malmö Stadsteater & Malmö Operan, Malmö, Sweden


2013- 2017, Dancer  
Carrasco Dance performance; Riksteatern Sweden Tour, International Theater Festival Okinawa in Tokyo, Okinawa and Naha Japan, contemporary dance festival Amman in Jordan, Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Rwanda, Kigali, The Certosa Arts Festival in Capri Italy, ShowBox in Oslo Norway, TanZeit Zei Tanz in Chur Schweitz, Swedstage in Stockholm, Aprilfestival in Thisted Denmark, Bibu Scenkonstbienalen in Lund


TR3I solo performance

2023, Choreographer and performer
Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm, Sweden


2017, Choreographer & Dancer
Nano with the song "Hold on" runner up in the Swedish final of Eurovision song contest, Sweden
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Adam Baptiste "Adl" 

2015, Choreographer  
Performance withe the song "Svart kaffe" at Grammis galan, Stockholm


2014, Choreographer & Dancer
P*fect dance company, Dansens Hus under Urban Connection, Stockholm and Breakin ́ Convention at Sadler’s Wells, London
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Jean Paul Gaultier

2013, Choreographer & Performer
Performing for Jean Paul Gaultier at his opening "From Sidewalk to Catwalk" at The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, Stockholm


Unga Klara World Tour

2019, Actor & Dancer
Unga Klara’s tour ensemble traveling in Sweden, Istanbul, Beijing, Johannesburg, Cape Town & New York City performing ”X”- Farnaz Arbabi, ”Girls will make you blush” - Mari Carrasco and Gustav Deinoff and ”Because I say so”- Farnaz Arbabi
X - See more ↗
Beacause I say so - See more ↗

Julius Caesar 

2018, Actor
William Shakespeare theater play directed by Kristoffer Steen at Orionteatern in Stockholm


2016, Actor
Theater play directed by Py-Huss Wallin at the theater Turteatern, Stockholm
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2015, Actor
Theater play directed by Farnaz Arbabi at Unga Klara, Stockholm
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Girls Will Make You Blush

2014, Actor & Dancer  
Theater play directed by Mari Carrasco and Gustav Deinoff at Unga Klara and Västmanlandsteater, Stockholm and Västerås
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